2015-01-18 22:35 | Anti-doping initiative of Ukraine's Biathlon Federation

Athletes who are found guilty of doping will be denied the right to be included in the national team of Ukraine. This initiative was made by Biathlon Federation of Ukraine, said FBU President Украина Vladimir Brynzak:

I would like to inform the fans and all biathlon community about the initiative of our Federation regarding the incident with Sergey Sednev. We decided to unilaterally dismiss the athletes who were caught using prohibited medicine from the Ukrainian national team. It means that the athletes, in addition to the standard two-year disqualification by IBU, will no longer be able to become a part of the Ukrainian national team. We hope that such decision will influence those who will try to act dishonestly and discredit our federation. With this initiative we would like to emphasize the fact that we always support only honest competition, and encourage other national federations to support us.